Inventory Specialist Position

Calling all my Dawgs

Are you a dawg? No, we’re not talking about your furry best friend. We’re talking about hard workers who are willing to do whatever it takes to make our company succeed. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t shy away from a challenge and isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get to work, then we want you on our team!

We’re currently hiring for an Inventory Specialist Position that requires inventorying fixed assets, and get this: you’ll get to travel out of state to do it! It’s not the most glamorous job, but it’s essential to keeping our business running smoothly. As a dawg, you understand that every job is important and that every task, no matter how small, contributes to the greater success of the company.

Now, we know what you might be thinking. “Inventorying fixed assets and traveling out of state? That sounds like a lot of work!” But let us tell you, there’s more to it than just counting computers and furniture. It takes attention to detail, organization, and a willingness to dig deep to get the job done right. And as a dawg, you’re up for the challenge.

The ideal candidate for this position is someone who is self-motivated, dependable, and has a strong work ethic. You should be comfortable working with a team, independently, and have a keen eye for detail. And of course, you should be willing to travel out of state to ensure that our client’s inventory is accurate and up-to-date.

As a dawg, you understand that success is earned, not given. You’re not afraid to put in the work and go the extra mile to make sure that the company succeeds. And in return, we’ll provide you with the tools and support you need to succeed in your role, including travel accommodations.

So if you’re a dawg looking for your next challenge, then we want to hear from you. Apply now and show us what you’re made of. We can’t wait to see what you can accomplish!

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