Building Appraisals

Building Evaluations

Here at ACS we not only specialize in fixed asset inventory, we also do Building Evaluations. The most expensive assets our client’s own are buildings. Some buildings are worth MILLIONS! So, it’s vital that they are properly insured.

Building Evaluation is simply assigning a building structure a replacement cost for insurance purposes. The standard way of performing a Building Evaluation that most insurance companies do is to plug in a few numbers in a software. No physical inspection of the building actually occurs! If your car got wrecked in an accident, you would want to get your car physically inspected in order to get a cost. Could you imagine if the inspectors just plugged in some numbers into some computer without ever looking at the car! THAT WOULD BE INSANE!

With no physical inspection of the buildings you could be over insured or even worse under insured!

Here is where we save the day. We physically go to the building site and do a thorough inspection of the building. We grab photos of the exterior. We record a video of the entire inside of the building to make sure we detail out all the specifications of the building. This includes plumbing fixture count, ceiling material, partition structure & material, floor material, HVAC and more. We ask for a printed layout of the building and sent over a building questionnaire to the facilities director. We even partner with CoreLogic, which has the largest property database for appraising in the nation. This all helps us assign an accurate replacement cost for your buildings.

Go get your buildings properly evaluated with ACS and have a peace of mind.

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