Accounting vs Insurance 

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Most of you know by now that ACS Pro offers fixed asset inventory services. However, you may not be sure what the benefit of those services may be for your entity. While the advantages and utility of having a fixed asset inventory completed by ACS Pro vary depending on the needs of each individual client,…

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Tips for Not Double Counting Capital Projects and Equipment

Example 1: District has a capital project for $2 million which includes a renovation as well capital equipment like kitchen assets. Without knowing that equipment was purchased as a part of the capital project for that year, it is very likely those assets will be double entered. You will then have the total $2 million…

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Facility Workers

Cartoon illustration of a construction worker supervisors

Who is your go-to when the correct information is needed? Often officials are showered with a bevy of daily operations that make their business run. School officials are worried about bus schedules, and lunch programs, while town officials worry about how to handle the next big snowstorm. How do you know where to get the…

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