Capital-Project (1)

Tips for Not Double Counting Capital Projects and Equipment

Example 1: District has a capital project for $2 million which includes a renovation as well capital equipment like kitchen assets. Without knowing that equipment was purchased as a part of the capital project for that year, it is very likely those assets will be double entered. You will then have the total $2 million entry for the capital project as well as any new kitchen assets that would be tagged by our team in the field. 

Best way to avoid this scenario is to try to pull out any equipment purchases away from capital project if possible. If not, please let us know on our change form any equipment that was part of a large capital project so we do not double count. 

Example 2: If there are multiple entries over several years for larger capital projects, it is important to be consistent with information provided to us. If in year 1 and year 2 you provided yearly capital project costs, please provide year 3 yearly and not as a total of all 3 years. Unknowingly, we are now double counting year 1 and year 2. 

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