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Training @ ACS Pro

We have been known for having the most professional and efficient team of Inventory associates in the industry by our public sector clients. The way we achieve that is by thorough training of our team.

The training consists of basic expectations and understanding of company goals, importance of capital assets, equipment & software training, quizzes. With our years of experience in the industry and a large database built over the years, we have developed a vast set of training material for our team to achieve higher accuracy in detailed data collection during the fixed asset inventory.

Standardized naming conventions of assets for quick entry, asset recognition training using pictures and quizzes, building appraisal training with the help of videos & presentations on various factors needed to be considered and measured for a quality appraisal, our team gets a hands on experience with the tools needed for inventory to get in-tune with them and deliver higher efficiency on field.

Our team always aims to give a swift, care-free, and a pleasing fixed asset inventory experience for our clients by meeting their organizational & GASB 34 requirements.

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