Training @ ACS Pro

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We have been known for having the most professional and efficient team of Inventory associates in the industry by our public sector clients. The way we achieve that is by thorough training of our team. The training consists of basic expectations and understanding of company goals, importance of capital assets, equipment & software training, quizzes.…

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It is important to track all new capital assets as well as disposals. We ask clients to track anything that is being replaced or thrown out that meets the client threshold. A common example that we see frequently is an addition of a scoreboard. These are mostly capital additions but most of the time the…

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Importance of Re-Inventory

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Your school district had an inventory done by ACS Pro last spring. Well done! Pat yourself on the back. Now, the question arises whether that inventory should be a one time thing. All assets are accounted for, so there’s no need to do it again, right? Wrong. There are many reasons why routine re-inventory is…

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